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Total rip off of the launch the ground hog game, not exactly the same game play but you clearly see where the idea came from.

Other then that it's a fun game still, the animation of snow between every jump was a bit annoying and slowed the whole process down. But still fun.

Nice looking

Like most other people I liked it, but I don't think the dynamic camera adds anything to the game. In fact, it annoyed me. Constantly readjusting the camera at the levels it does is just bad game design. Dynamic camera use is used to enhance specific scenes. The camera was constantly WAY to close, or just not far enough out to see anything.

Cutting the effect in half, and sticking with a more normalized game view would be a huge improvement.

Also the game itself didn't seem to take advantage of having a dynamic camera, there were no "epic" moves or anything of the like. With a fast paced camera motion like this I would expect to do super massive jumps from mountain top to mountain top. With the camera zooming in and out for scale.

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Define Decent 3d game

I noticed you describe this as an example of decent 3d in flash, which begs the question what 3d games are you playing?

If anything it shows why 3d is generally avoided in flash, sure it's possible. But it's not spectacular looking, the gameplay is severely lacking when compared to any other platform that handles 3d.

The coding to make the game work at all got you a 5, the game itself for all other reasons left the score right there. Because at the end of the day people are playing flash games to be entertained and have fun, and the game looks like it was made in 1995, so the gimmick of it being in flash and 3d is not doing anything for me.

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It seems to remind me of that dragon monster feeder game, where the people had to stack blocks using a system almost exactly like this one and balance.

I still liked it though, except for the shift button being useless when you can just adjust the gravity of any object. Not to mention you would never fling something that hard on any level past 2 or 3. You would topple your blocks.

Good game

This is a fun game, but it's pretty unbalanced. The secret to this game is making two dual lasers right off the bat and just builing up from there. Dual lasers will own most ships for many rounds to come, just work on getting enough energy output to match them and you won't need more then those 2 lasers for a long time.

The problem I have with the game is that once you master the above it's not hard, at all. Until you hit level 50, then it goes to super insane mode. And I can't get more then a few levels past 50, and I don't know how any one would ever get enough money to level the city to 25. It seems impossible right now.

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good not great

As others have said the art was all very nice, the voice acting and over all style all good. The programming seemed to work as intended as well, which runs us into the problem I had with the game.

Scrolling through the different actions was annoying for me, a more click happy interface would have been superior I think here. Something that was always in look mode but when you clicked it gave you more icons to click on in a mini window. I don't know something about having to switch icons to walk was really bothersome to me.

Aside from that it was a fun game, the puzzles were all ok but a bit odd, I for one couldn't see the jar right at the beginning for some reason which added a bit of frustration. I figured out the rest pretty fast, but I must say melting gum off the axe had me scratching my head after it worked.

Phantasmagor responds:

We will be working to improve the interface making it much more user friendly in the sequels. Thanks for the review :)

ROFL at the review

This IS DOOM, if you say anything but "wow it's doom in flash" you clearly never played doom.

As some one who installed doom with multiple floppies this brought me back to the good ol days hahaha.

I would like to say LOL at the guy who said its an old sega game.

Also LOL at everyone who said anything about the graphics/gameplay/etc. This is the shooter that made it possible for COD4 etc. to even exsist right now, and the only way you could make this any closer to the real thing is if I could open up the command prompt and enter cheats with the tilde key rofl.

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3d does not a fun game make

The coding for this is an achievment. The fact that I am playing this in flash is impressive. Everything else is not, I remember playing something very simliar that I had to install with like 4 floppy discs back in 95'.

The game itself is boring, the graphics are boring, the idea is boring. This is yet another example of something that should be a test run for coding some how being turned into a real game. If this was nothing more then an engine test for a better more interesting game this would make perfect sense. As a game however you are about 25 years late with this one heh.

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Awesome game, tons of tons of work put in obviously. I rarley give 10's even few deserve the high score they normally get besides that, this is A+ great. Great physics great controls great

And ?

You took an un original idea, made it gimicky by adding "the newgrounds tank" and then didn't even use any sort of artistic ability. You copy and paste the tank some where, set it's opacity from 50-10% adjust adjust it's size and slant here and there and call it a game ?

90% of the tanks where not even part of the scene they were just randomly placed in a friggen yellow sign and then made an off yellow color. At least waldo was drawn into his environments and seemed to fit them.

boredom kills.... please don't let you friends drive home bored....

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